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Speak Your Truth
Collaborative Events

Collaborate with our team to host a creative event or workshop at within your community.

Since 2019, we have collaborate with multiple businesses, youth organizations and educational institutions to host a variety of creative events with our expertise.

Host an Event With Us!

Are you a creative arts organization in search of a partner to host an event? Are you a student population interested in bringing creativity and social justice to your educational spaces? Are you a business interested in diversifying and exploring your creativity and supporting youth? 


Our team will reach out to you to arrange a call to discuss the alignment of our missions to produce a high quality and engaging event. Our focus is on developing unique programs to promote creativity, social justice and building community.

McMaster 2022

A historical collaboration with the McMaster Student Union Diversity + Equity Network and Unspoken McMaster.

Together, we organized an open-mic to unite the McMaster student community and build a safe and open space to explore their creativity. With over 25 performers, the event had a great turnout with students from McMaster and beyond.

McMaster 2020

The Death of Creativity: A Digital Workshop with SEVA Speaks McMaster. A digital collaboration to facilitate an engaging and meaningful creative workshop with students. Importantly, a focus on building community during a period of harsh social isolation.

Western, 2023

The beginning of a great partnership with Western University to bring the Speak Your Truth open-mic series to the students in London, Ontario!

A collaboration with three student associations: Western USC Gender Equity Network, Western Ethno USC and Penned by Western.

MuslimFest 2023

A collaboration with one of the largest arts and culture festival in the GTA, where we took the main stage at Celebration Square to share a creative performance segment. 

Day 2 featured a Stay Woke "Speak Your Truth" creative workshop and open-mic, where we facilitated an intimate performance segment with youth.

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