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Framed by Stay Woke

A youth-launched printed magazine featuring youth creators from across Ontario, building a creative community to publish and connect youth creators.

Calling all youth interested in the opportunity to have your work published, meet other youth creators through our launch events and other creative community events, and explore your creativity through a variety of mediums! Our goal is to provide a platform as well as the supporting resources for you to thrive as a creator, and build a creative community. 

About Framed

Framed 2023
Opening New Doors

Our third edition of Framed features over 20 youth contributors who shared their writing, poetry, music and art. This submission cycle involved hosting online one-on-one and group concept meetings at the request of contributors to support their creative development. 

Purchase a copy for only $6 to support this youth-led project, and the development of the 2024 edition.  

We are grateful to our sponsors Chai Wala Dixie who empowered us to make this magazine financially accessible. 

All youth ages 14-24 interested are encouraged to creatively explore what this theme means to them! All mediums are accepted including but not limited to music, video, photography, written mediums, paintings and comic strips. Audio-Visual mediums will be incorporated in the magazine through QR codes

Publish Your Work

Submissions are now closed. Please check our social media @staywokeevent for 2024 calls for submission!

Framed Since 2020
Our Journey

Our first edition was a digital magazine, launched during the pandemic as a means to cultivate a digital creative community during a time of social isolation.

After the printed-publication of our second Framed Edition, Behind The Wall, we hosted our first digital launch party,
uniting 30  youth creators to celebrate. 

Since then, we have hosted our first in-person
launch party in 2023, where we shared intimate reflections and celebrated over 20 youth contributors.

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