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Framed Magazine
by Stay Woke

A magazine published by youth, for youth with a purpose to build a creative community and provide a platform to publish and connect youth creators. 

"Opening New Doors"

The Framed Magazine is a Stay Woke youth-launched printed magazine featuring youth creators from across Ontario. This is an opportunity to have your work published, meet other youth creators through our launch events and other creative community events, and explore your creativity through a variety of mediums! Our goal is to provide a platform as well as the supporting resources for you to thrive as a creator, and build a creative community. 

Our 2022 magazine, "Behind the Wall" features over 30 diverse youth creators

Submit your work!

All youth ages 14-23 interested are encouraged to creatively explore what this theme means to them! All mediums are accepted including but not limited to music, video, photography, written mediums, paintings and comic strips. Audio-Visual mediums will be incorporated in the magazine through QR codes

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