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Stay Aware

 Multimedia discussion and community

Sign-ups are currently closed, if you're still interested in joining please email!

Stay Aware by Stay Woke is back for the month of February! With a whole new list of resources, we remain diligent in keeping you up to date with what’s going on in the world. This month, our theme is Mental Health & Gen Z: Generation Zoom where we will be exploring youth mental health.

The Stay Aware series is a multimedia discussion circle ready to learn and grow amongst one another by exploring various forms of media. Each instalment will have a different theme and featured resources. Our featured resources are short, easy to consume, diverse and exclusively handpicked by our team.  

Our goal is to build community during the time of social isolation, providing the chance to meet other youth to have casual discussion. So, feel free to bring your friends!

The Stay Aware series not only gives you a catalogue of well-informed resources, but also an eager community to share your ideas with. Each month’s session will include group video calls to discuss the themes highlighted in each resource, and engage in a broader conversation relating to our social environment.


Q: Is it mandatory to read/watch every resource?

A: Although we recommend using every piece of media available to you, it is absolutely your choice! If you don’t have enough time or simply aren’t interested, you can opt out of discussion for that piece of media. 


Q: Can I choose my discussion group?

A: If you would like to be in a group with your friends, make sure to write their full names on the sign-up form and ensure that they also write your name. We will do our best to accommodate your request, and if you have any issues feel free to contact us! 


Q: Are there deadlines for when we should be finished reading/watching?

A: We have suggested deadlines that are spread out over a month to make your experience easier, but it is completely up to you how you go through the resources! You can go at your pace, just be ready for the discussions at the end of the month! 


Q: Do I have to attend the discussion meeting? 

A: We recommend taking time to attend and gain insight from your fellow peers, but we completely understand if you are unable to attend. We will be using when2meet to ensure discussion times are set when the majority of members can attend. 


Q: Will I have to find each resource myself? 

A: Our team has made sure that most resources on the list will be available to you at no cost! After signing up, each resource, as well as where to find them will be sent to you. 

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