Framed Magazine
by Stay Woke

Stay Woke is back with the second issue of our Framed Magazine! Framed by Stay Woke is a magazine published by youth, for youth with a purpose to build a creative community and provide a platform for youth creators.

The theme for this edition is “Behind the Wall”, which is left to your creative freedom to interpret.

Framed will be published both online and sold in-print this year with a bonus Launch Party for all submitters to gather, network and build a creative community.

Submit your works by October 30, 2021, to be featured in our magazine publishing in Early-December.

All youth ages 15-23 interested are encouraged to creatively explore what the theme means to them and showcase your interpretations through your piece(s). All mediums are accepted and encouraged, including but not limited to music, video, photos, written pieces, paintings, and comic strips. Audio-Visual mediums will be incorporated in the magazine through QR Codes and links.

Ready to submit? Click the button below:
Framed Magazine Issue #1:
"Stories Worth Sharing"