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Become a Sponsorship & Outreach Representative!

(a bit of sponsorship, mixed with some marketing!)

Position description: 

Sponsorship and Outreach representatives are responsible for the creative leadership and execution of all outreach related tasks for Stay Woke projects and events. In addition to obtaining monetary sponsorships for events, a large part of your role will involve working with the broader Stay Woke team to creatively brainstorm new ways to share our work and initiatives with targeted audiences. This could be through social media outreach strategies, seeking collaborations with other organizations, ambassador-engagement, content creation and more! 

As a representative, you will be working with a specific Stay Woke project, event or initiative to lead all outreach related tasks. 

This role also performs consistent portfolio tasks including writing our seasonal newsletter, leading appropriate communication with Stay Woke sponsors and supporters, researching grant opportunities and maintaining our LinkedIn presence. 

This position is for you if you...

  • Enjoy collaboration

  • Are looking for an opportunity to utilize your creativity and think outside the box

  • Love to meet new people and find ways to work together!

  • Have good time management skills

Time Commitment:

This position requires an estimated 2-3 hours per week depending on the timeline of the project assigned. This includes monthly general team meetings, bi-weekly portfolio meetings, and weekly project meetings (which run based on the project timeline). Please note we halt most activity during exam seasons for high school / post-secondary education!

How to Apply:

Please send an email to with the subject: Spons/Outreach Volunteer Application along with a copy of your most updated resume and an answer to the following question:

Please assess our current outreach strategies for the Framed by Stay Woke magazine (see on Instagram). This includes all marketing and forms of outreach used to encourage submissions for the magazine (Reels, The Office Skits, IG posts, FB posts etc…). List 2 strengths and 2 areas of improvement. What outreach strategies would you envision implementing to promote the magazine and increase submissions to reach a broader audience (this can be explained in your areas of improvement if you want). (approx. 300-400 words).

Please email us or DM us @staywokeevent if you have any questions!


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