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Get to know our 2019 speakers

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Zayaan Patel


"We must practice self-awareness, self-evaluation, and self-improvement as it will help us to comprehend the issues within our society and the world we live in"

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Anuva Sharma

Humans Rights Activist, Creative Speaker & Content Creator

I pride myself in being a socially and politically informed individual that isn’t afraid to talk about heavy topics. I enjoy informing others about the prevalent issues in our society, through spoken words, articles and other creative outlets-and actively voice the opinion that all humans deserved to be treated with an equal amount of respect. I hope to see a world in which people from every race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity or gender identity can co-exist peacefully- and I truly believe that our generation is ‘woke’ enough to make this a reality! I can’t wait to hear the various pieces presented at Stay Woke this year and to learn from everyone that I meet.

F311494A-4287-49D0-A335-1AD55A4773E0 - h

Huda Mirza

Empty Body, Empty Mind

The eye of the public and how it plays into our daily routine. 


Monia Bhutta-Khan

Photographer,  Creative Speaker

Travelling to different countries, and experiencing different cultures has allowed me to see different parts of the world through a different lens, shaping my perspective of the world. I use photography as an outlet to share my stories with people. Every picture has a story to tell.

PSX_20190529_205614 - Shailly Prajapati.

Shailly Prajpati

If I were to describe myself in one word, it'd be "passionate". I'm passionate about so many things, varying from my favourite ice cream flavour to photography to addressing current social issues. My passion and love for advocacy of the voice of youth and our community as a whole, has driven me to take on various opportunities such as delegating at the Brampton City Hall twice regarding climate change, as well as establishing my school's very first Me to We Chapter.

IMG_5760 - Hammad Syed.JPG

Hammad Syed

Aspiring Poet, Language Lover & Obsessive Quoran

Unapologetically Brown, Unapologetically Muslim, Unapologetically Hyphenated Canadian


Umar Rasool

"I'm 16. big believer in peace. Love, mental health, war - some of my favourite topics to write about."

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Purva Vyas

Aspiring human rights activist, “that angry feminist girl”

I always tell people that there is one thing I am passionate about, and that is social justice. Every decision I make is influenced by building my whole future career around protecting human rights, but until I can begin fighting for Yemeni or Palestinian girls, I might as well start by spreading awareness about the issues faced by the girls and women around me, and I am so excited to do just that by speaking at Stay Woke!

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 8.05.49 PM - T

Inaya Tariq

Inspired Student

Our society needs changing, and we have the power to change it. It's time we speak up for what we believe in. I hope to raise awareness about the sexism rooted in South Asian and Muslim culture.

DSC_7050 - FayZan Kamal.jpg

Fayzan Kamal

Creative Speaker

Life is about becoming a better person through being humble in the face of humility, and nurturing your inner curiosity.

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Khyati Danak


Instagram: @khyatidanak

I love music and it’s ability to connect people together universally.

IMG_5803 - Ibrahim Sharieff.jpg

Ibrahim Sharieff

Part-Time Social Issues Blogger, Full-Time Foodie

Just a typical teenager who happens to try to spread awareness about issues that are not touched upon in the mainstream media! At Stay Woke I'll be speaking in-depth about Autism. I'll ht points such as what exactly it is, how is it caused, the signs of someone being autistic but, most importantly how someone being autistic shouldn't be a reason to be treated different so stay tuned!

95F84326-79CC-4F01-9EF6-E4F03615FE9F - J

Jenny Quan

Tales of a Mess

Life and everything within it, is messy. That is just something we have to accept, but we can make it a bit more organized by putting it into words.

Stay Woke Speaker Profile  - Zeeni Was.J

Zeeniya Waseem

Open-minded Speaker and Writer, Social Activist, Feminist, & Truth Seeker

One thing that I love about speaking is how it can create this true and powerful connection between human beings as it intertwines our stories and beliefs. I speak to break misconceptions, empower others, and spread awareness about social issues. I am constantly learning more about others and myself because I believe knowledge advocates for change. Stay Woke is a platform where I can express my curiosity and surround myself with other open-minded individuals. I will always use this passion of speaking and writing to help others and feel a sense of self-acceptance.

75A464A7-22EF-4A45-9356-ED3818CCF2EA - M

Mustafa Chaudary

Founder of Nothing. Master of None


Explaining my thoughts on problems the entire world deals with isn't gonna help. I believe that being more open and understanding of even the most radical beliefs will be for the benefit of all. 

Screenshot_20190529-030509__01 - Heba Ab

Heba Shakour

just a girl with a lot to say

I found a way of expressing myself through spoken word and I found that it actually had an impact on others. I want to help change the world through one poem at a time.

IMG_3241 - Haider Khan.jpg

Haider Ali Khan

Haider Ehsan Khan, professionally known as Haider, is an American-born Canadian (wanna be) actor, (soon to-be) youtuber, martial artist, and performer.

Abert Einstein mentions, "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects." I strive to create an ambience filled with support, positivity, love, and a community full of individuals who seek to succeed and aspire to create beneficial change in this world. #complimentchallenge

IMG_4688 - Hayah Imam.JPG

Hayah Imam


Other Works

Spoken Word is a form of art that has allowed me to connect and communicate social issues with those apart of my community. Stay Woke has given me the opportunity to use my privilege to discuss and bring awareness to a wide variety of topics that will impact future generations.

20180913_111322 - Dilki Jagoda.jpg

Dilki Jagoda

Creative Speaker and Professional Pptimist

Just trying to spread positive vibes and make a change.

fullsizeoutput_f72f - Thamilini Balakuma

Thamilini Balakumar

Human Rights Activist, Creative Content Creator & Social Issues Blogger

Always be kind, I know it's easier said than done but with all the tragedies we hear on the news, one of the few ways to keep our humanity and compassion is to be kind to one another. We are taught so many subjects in school, but the most important things we’re forgetting to teach are kindness, respect and love. That’s one of the many things I want to help change in this world.

_DSC0963 - Soliman Ali.JPG

Soliman Ali

To enlighten, encourage and empower the youth.

MVIMG_20190501_162518 - Syed Ahmed.jpg

Syed Mohammad Ahmed

Student, Ex-Burger Flipper

I like to talk a lot!

unnamed - Reet Sidhu.jpg

Reet Sidhu

An aspiring lawyer trying to make things just in an unjust world

A rational, logical person who gets angry about irrational, illogical world issues.

Maliha Bhutta-Khan

Co-Founder of Stay Woke & Aspiring Advocate

Learn, to cure your ignorance. Ask, don't make assumption & Speak your truth at all costs.

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