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Get Out of My Head

Podcast Series

Join the youth founders of Stay Woke as they engage in honest and raw conversations with youth who utilize creative platforms and mediums to spark social change. You’ll want to grab some popcorn as they dive into their journeys, their fears and essentially their minds.

Join founders Bianca and Maliha as they discuss the behind the scenes of their journey in starting Stay Woke, and open to floor to raw and honest conversations surrounding their struggles in expanding their platform, and getting vulnerable 

Can dance speak volumes? Well, our guest Zachary Seto, a 15-year-old youth creator sure does through his choreography. In this episode, we learn about  his relationship with dance and art, uncovering a story of unbridled passion and creativity. Join us in a conversation about what it means to be a young creator, and facing the challenges and fears that come along with it.

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