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Content Research Developer Team Lead


  • Act as liaison between content research development team and founders 

  • Leading CRD Team tasks including the development, planning, editing and execution of Stay Woke Sunday’s (bi-weekly informational research-based posts informing audience on social issues)

  • Facilitating research and topic discussion with entire team

  • Ensuring topics are relevant and approached from an intersectional/holistic lense

  • Bring attention to new topics/current events within team  

  • Holding team accountable to deadlines

  • Overseeing CRD individual teams and keeping marketing and founders updated with important deadlines for editing and post creation

  • Editing and condensing CRD post content

  • Running debrief meetings, providing guidance and feedback → check in with individual team dates, topic presentations 

  • Time Commitment: 4 hours a week, monthly general meetings, bi-weekly portfolio meetings, bi-weekly team lead meetings


  • Leadership experience 

  • Organization and time management 

  • Strong written communication skills

  • Strong research, critical thinking and understanding of all perspectives  

  • Strong understanding of current issues through an intersectional lense

  • Strong time management skills and ability to balance school with extracurricular commitments 

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