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Marketing Team Lead


  • Act as liaison between social media team and founders 

  • Leading and arranging portfolio specific meetings 

  • Checking in/motivating their team 

  • Facilitating new projects/ideas 

  • Facilitating meetings with social media team to generate socially conscious and creative social media posts

  • Creation and implementation of social media timeline and engagement strategies 

  • Overseeing development of social media strategies to promote individual Stay Woke projects/initiatives

  • Delegating tasks to team in order to focus on higher-level strategic planning and leading creative vision

  • Creating social media timeline + scheduling graphic designers

  • Overseeing Stay Woke promotional material design

  • Posting on instagram

  • Time Commitment: 4 hr/week, monthly general meetings, bi-weekly portfolio meetings, bi-weekly team lead meetings


  • Past sponsorship/outreach experience not required but an asset, dedication, time management, communication
    Strong time management skills and ability to balance school with extracurricular commitments 

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