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Speak Your Truth 

We are a youth non-profit organization encouraging a culture of social awareness through creativity in order to amplify youth voices and build a community of innovative youth change makers. Our initiationes focus on providing a platform to focus on amplifying youth voices at the intersection of creativity and social issues. In the age of social media and misleading headlines, it is becoming increasingly important to empower youth in taking the first steps towards thinking critically about the world around them.

Founded over 6 years ago when they were just 17, Maliha and Bianca formed Stay Woke through the support of their community. In 2023, Stay Woke became a registered non-profit marked by 6 years of hard work, connecting with key community collaborators and developing youth leadership and creativity within the volunteer team. Stay Woke has grown to expand beyond just a single open-mic and encompasses a community of 1600 youth, performers, vendors, sponsor and supporters across the GTA. 

Our Initiatives

Annual open-mic + gallery to build community and support local youth creators.
Multimedia discussion & a digital youth community 
A digital magazine to amplify youth creators & publish their work
Engaging in raw conversations uncovering the journey of youth creators and community
A seasonal creative event + open mic to amplify youth voices and foster intimate and meaningful discussion.
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